Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Cup and the Ring

Every April starting in April 1980 through April 2004, the Blues made the Stanley Cup playoffs. And each postseason, they lost. Sometimes bitterly. Sometimes predicatbly. Sometimes they overachieved and somtimes they underachieved. But they never lifted the Cup.

I began fucking in 1988. I have fucked a lot of different girls, women, chicks, girlfriends, random hookups, etc. since then. But I've never gotten married or frankly been that close.

For the last few years, I've been increasingly disenchanted with the idea of just making the playoffs. I've seen every variety of playoff-type team. If I live to be 100, and never see the Blues make the playoffs in all that time, I will not die wondering what it was like to root for my favorite team in the playoffs as underdogs, favorites, whatever. When I judge moves the club makes, I only assess them on a does this build towards a Stanley Cup or does it not. Is this player someone who could be a playoff hero or is he a disappearer?

For the last couple years, I've been a lot less interested in fucking. I know it's sacrilege to be a guy and say that, but I've fucked in all the positions, I've satisfied the whole curiosity thing. In a way, if I had gotten married at 24, I'd be ten+ years into a marriage where I am not convinced that my sex life would be all that thrilling and magical either. It all depends on how both people in a marriage prioritize it, I suppose, but the point is the only thing that makes my situation something I sense I might have to justify is that I'm single rather than married.

I bring both these subjects up in the same sense because the only thing that would really hold interest for me is building a team that could truly run at the Cup, and the only thing that interests me about fucking is doing it with someone who is going to be that long-term partner. Would I be interested in fucking a woman who offers less than that? I mean, fucking is fun. If the Blues make the playoffs but don't have a Cup-threatening team, it's still fun to watch. But it'd be treading water in each case.


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