Friday, March 03, 2006

I'll Be Totally Honest

I'm itching to straight up murder some motherfuckers.


Blogger TubaOnFire said...

I will always remember the first words you said to me "I am not some redneck, I'm from St Louis." Ahh, the midwest. People of pure heart and small, small minds. The people of whereeverthefuckthisguyisfrom, MO are stupid. Just so stupid. It is tremendous.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

He's in fucking Ozark-Branson country. I love that he sponsors the bill yet refuses to answer questions about it.

I grew up in a city and had a suburban life. My thing said Clayton, MO. How am I supposed to trust you to know where that is? Hell, you can't spell my name.

9:02 AM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

Just in case you missed it

10:56 PM  

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