Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Under the Banner of H... BO

This has tremendous potential, but it's a steep task. Add in the fact that they're using Chloe "conventional wisdom said my career ended when I gave Vincent Gallo a gen-u-wine blow job on camera in 'Brown Bunny'" Sevigny, and you've got at least a show that must be watched initially.

The Sopranos was a grand-slam home run. Deadwood is a grand-slam home run. Rome was a solid single to left. The Wire is a show I regret not seeing more than a smattering of episodes, and Oz was by many accounts a home run. Six Feet Under - never watched it.

But this new show is guaranteed to piss off Mormons, and if it doesn't, it's going to piss me off. Mormonism and Scientology are not far apart in their batshittery, that's how crazy Mormonism is. Yeah, the guy saw the gold plates in the hat, yeah, uh-huh. And Jesus was in America. Do tell. Oh, and while you're do-telling why don't you try a little fuck-offing. Fucking asshole Mormons are massively Republican and thus responsible for so much hurt, damage and pain in the world.

So, I will be looking out for this show to piss off some Mormons, and if it doesn't, I can predict how I'll feel about it already.


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