Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Travel Fatigue"

Enough! Enough, I say! The most stupidly untrue argument in sports is the one where teams are supposed to be at a major disadvantage because "travel" wearies them to the bone. This has to be the stupidest thing ever. These are athletes in prime shape, and you're telling me that going up in the air for two hours is going to physically lay waste to them? On their own chartered plane with pampering?

Yesterday the Chiefs flew to Miami from KC and played the game the same day. Oooooooooh. So heroic. They landed at 1pm and the game started at 7pm. Look, I have flown dozens of times and it's not a big deal. You walk into the plane, you sit down, you recline, whatever, and a couple hours later you are there. It is like going to the movies for a couple hours - you sit in the chair and then you get up. Big freaking deal. Sometimes you feel like you want to take a shower when you get to your destination, but something tells me that 6 hours is more than enough time to accomplish that, and maybe even - dare I suggest - a nap for the truly depleted prime condition athletes.

Rod Woodson was on the NFL Total Access show talking about how the Dolphins were going to win because the Chiefs were going to be dehydrated from having to fly. What a fucking moron. You know, Rod, it is now legal to drink water on the plane.

I have been hearing for years and years and years about how teams that travel are at a major disadvantage and how exhausting travel is. Sorry, assholes. Shut the fuck up. You're idiots. Riding on a bus for ten hours in the minor leagues is a hell of a lot different than traveling across the country on a plane, in luxury, with a full-time staff dedicated to your well-being.

I swear to fucking god, the next time I hear all this endless prating about "travel" being such an insurfuckingmountable hardship I am going to wager on the traveling team, unless they are gutless and plan to use that excuse to cover a stinker.


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