Saturday, October 22, 2005

Speaking of strippers

I am pro Vikings sex cruise. When you get right down to it, what is the big deal? There is a ton of hypocrisy in the public censure of this behavior. Prostitution is legal in some parts of this country. It's also been legal throughout history more often than not. What if the Vikings moved their annual tradition to the Bunny Ranch, a legal Nevada brothel? Same level of consensuality - now it's stamped with the imprimatur of legality. Would there be the same freak out?

And drugs? Please. Please. It's ok to jack a guy full of cortisone or whatever concoction he needs to take shot after shot in the ribs on a Sunday, but pot is the Devil Weed? Think of all the drugs taken by all the finger pointers in the press and in general life. And dick pill ads blaring all over NFL broadcasts are "good" drugs, but pot is bad? Stop.

No, no, no. What this whole "scandal" really boils down to are three things, in no particular ranking:

1) the NFL's "image" as a product
2) rich, virile black men having too flaunty a time
3) the American cultural pleasure in piling on and making fun of people who get caught

The NFL hates what happens because it is all about their image and dollars. That's straightforward and speaks for itself. Next, the racial element is there. Sorry, it is. There would still be some hue and cry if it were only white guys, but no way as much. Lewd + uppity has more charge on it than just lewd.

And America loves to mock - it is the national sport. I confess to having had fun laughing at the better Vikings jokes, because we find humor in kicking people when they're down. We're kind of cruel with our celebrities. Our pleasure in holding them up to ridiculous slurpitude is only surpassed by our joy at ripping them back down.

So the point of my post is not to condemn the making fun part - because that's ok - it's the making fun plus the condemnation that is bullshit. A joke about opposing stadiums' PR announcers playing "The Love Boat" when the Vikings score is genuinely funny. That is different from the savage moral condemnation that accompanies the joking.

Free the Vikings.


Blogger TubaOnFire said...

Gotta love the sex cruise. I am pro sex cruise because 1) who could possibly not think that a consentual sex cruise is not a great idea? I mean you need some motion to the ocean. and 2) it shows the realities of sports and those who participate.

Now the NFL and whoever owns the Vikings would like for the good people of Minnesota to pony up a few hundred million dollars for the Vikings to have a new stadium with more luxury boxes, etc.
Now there is no reason in the world for the taxpayers to subsidize a profitable enterprise owned by a billionaire. But, what they try to do is make sports more than the business it is - the players are these noble heros and basking in their greatness has value to the community. Somehow football teaches some valuable lesion in teamwork, sacrifice, dedication and blah blah blah. Nope - they are a bunch of guys with jobs like the rest of us. No better, no worse. Hell, if everyone in my office made several mil a year, we'd have a sex crusie instead of the holiday party.

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