Monday, October 24, 2005

Michael Vick and Slurpology

So here they are on MNF bemoaning the incompetence of the Atlanta receiving corps. They show a stat that they only had 38 WR catches all of last season. But they would never, never, ever say that part of this is that Michael Vick is a horrorshow of a passer. I mean, he's godawful. He can run, an he forces defenses to dedicate resources to stopping the run, but how come if he's such a good QB he routinely posts 138 yard, 1 TD, 2 turnover (int or fumble) games as a passer? Huh? Maybe because he's a fucking atrocious passer. He misses guys by such embarrassing margins that as soon as he gets that nail in the coffin 23d leg injury where he's no longer mobile (he's at about 16 now), he's done in the league except as a PR draw. Once he can't run, he's doomed, because he sucks throwing the ball, and nobody has the balls in broadcasting to say it. Great RB. Shitty QB. And that's why they can bring in Jerry Rice in his prime and it will mean nothing, because Vick can't hit him.

UPDATE: Game now over. Vick: 11/26, 116 yds, 0 TD 3 INT. He rushed 9 for 18yds and 2 TDs. Now take a guess... do you think ABC still had a video montage blending in this Vick game (because of the two 1 yard TD runs) with some of the all-time MNF classics? What do you think the answer to that question is?


Blogger TubaOnFire said...

Stupid people (and that is everyone at ESPN) will always try to repeat any prior sucess - even if the situation has changed. Everyone made so much money with the phenomenon of Michael Jordan that in every sport, they create a Jordan - someone to base all the hype on. In football, it is Vick. The problem is that Michael Vick (or any of these other wannabes) couldn't carry Jordan's jock with a forklift.

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