Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Fugitive

OK, The Fugitive is a great movie, keeps you going all the way to the end. However there are two things that I feel obligated to point out - things that I only noticed after seeing all or parts of the movie a few dozen times over the years.

First, in the final climactic scene where Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pants and the bad guy are all running around in the hotel's laundry room or wherever, the bad guy disables Joe Pants by shoving that girder beam silently on the pulleys toward him, and Pants turns around just in time to take it in the face and get knocked out.

Well, it just occurred to me today, WTF? Can someone please explain the reason there was a huge metal beam on a silent pulley just sitting there? If it was for hanging some kind of laundry, that's nuts. It's the kind of steel beam they use in building construction. A laundry hanger would be a smaller pipe type thing, if you even accept in the first place that this kind of pulley/hanger mechanism would even exist.

Second thing, also first noticed after multiple viewings. There's a scene where the marshals are interviewing Kimball's former colleagues. They interview a woman who says, "First of all I want you to know I believe Richard Kimball to be innocent." They ask her if she's seen him and she says, "If he came to me for help, I'd help him. But he wouldn't do that. That's not his style."

I ask you, what the hell does that mean? We just saw the guy stop his (supposed) friend's car for cash like three scenes ago. I'd seen that scene dozens of times before and thought nothing of it, and now it's bugging the hell out of me. What "style" does she have in mind for Kimball? Obviously she doesn't know the guy very well since we know he does seek out his friends for help.


Blogger man with knife said...

I found that scene really strange too. I think many of my co-workers would say, "Yeah, he shot her. Caught her messing round with another man. I believe he is headed down Mexico way."

8:42 AM  

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