Monday, October 17, 2005

Fantasy Football Week 6

I am a fantasy football addict. The lure, I think, is that it's a system with incomplete information and you must out-decision your opponents to win. It's very much like poker. In poker the best you can do is put yourself in the position to win, but the cards on a specific hand or series of hands may be unlucky. Same with fantasy football. You can assemble a formidable starting lineup, but ultimately injuries and other factors you can't control come in.

This is my fifth fantasy football season, and I've won the championship in my other four years with 8 and 10 team leagues. This year, I'm in a 14 team league of guys who know what they're doing and are competitive. This league has existed for 15 years, I think. Going into week 6, I was 4-1, tied for first with 4 other teams but having a huge overall points edge. I will probably lose this week, as I only lead by 22 with all my guys done and still having to face Manning and Vanderjagt. Had I picked up almost any other kicker than Janikowski to replace Rackers on a bye, I'd have a 29-32 point lead. Oh well. I'm still a huge threat to win the whole thing, and except for Week 10 when Palmer and Gates have a bye, all my guys are through their byes.

I plan to use this blog as a way to periodically vent about players who suck for me or randomly explode against me. Here's an example: Fuck Sebastian Janikowski.


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